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This titanium iPhone was inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck

Don't go throwing steel balls at the screen, though.


Yes, but can it withstand the blow of a sledgehammer?


If you've been mesmerized by Tesla's Cybertruck, you may be interested in luxury accessory maker Caviar's Cyberphone. The device is an Apple iPhone 11 Pro encased in a titanium body inspired by the Cybertruck's design, according to a video posted Tuesday. 

"In the device, one can trace the deliberate geometry of lines, simplicity of forms and versatility of materials," according to Caviar's website, which also touts the device's "total protection."

The Russia-based company notes that the price of an encased iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max is upon "request" on one place on its webpage, but at the bottom lists the price as $16,030 (£12,244, AU$23,900) for all versions. The company said only 99 will be made, and it's taking preorders. 

The video shows images of the phone interspersed with shots of the Cybertruck and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Tesla didn't immediately respond to a request for comment about whether this could be an official tie-in.

Musk unveiled the Cybertruck in November with a demo that resulted in unintended damage. The electric vehicle's stainless steel body and unique, angled design have inspired a variety of responses. 

Aside from the Cyberphone, Caviar has also created an iPhone 11 case that boasts a gold and diamond nativity scene and costs $129,000. Or if religious imagery on your phone isn't your style, there's the Grand Complications Skeleton for the iPhone XS, which looks like the inside of a very expensive watch. The price on that starts at $6,490.

Originally published Jan. 29.
Update, Jan. 30: Adds more information about Cyberphone and the promotional video.