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This squash game ain't for country clubs

Laser Squash is much cooler than the kind you play in a collared shirt.

Red Ferret

Growing up in the mid-Atlantic, I was subjected to watching more than a handful of squash matches back in high school. No offense to anyone who's an avid squash fan, but it's not always the most interesting sport to watch. You take people, and racquets, and balls, and a wall. There are a lot of smacking noises. Yawn.

But this is a little different. The creators of "Laser Squash" took the basic concept of squash and turned it into something that seems like it came out of a military training exercise in Ender's Game. Beams of laser light fly around. Hit them with your Laser Stick, and you get points. The faster you hit them, the more points you get. Cool.

But this game could still be so much better. It should really have a crazy techno soundtrack, maybe with some '80s modern-rock gems thrown in there. And I think it'd be a lot more interesting if you had to play it on roller skates. Then there would be a lot of smacking noises, but it'd be far more awesome, as the sound of person-hits-person is infinitely better than squash-ball-hits-wall.