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This Day in Tech: Weak spots in Web-based e-mail, Apple's WWDC

Too busy to keep up with the tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET News for Friday, June 3.

Too busy to keep up with the tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET News for Friday, June 3.

Five questions heading into Apple's WWDC
Apple may have already declared what it's going to demo at next week's Worldwide Developers Conference, but what else does it have up its sleeve? More

Targeted attacks hit Web-based e-mail
Attacks aimed at Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail point to weak spots in e-mail services that can let attackers into corporate networks, reports say. More

Sparked: Volunteer work, right in your cubicle
Sparked, a recently rebranded version of The Extraordinaries, crowdsources volunteer work so employees can contribute to causes right from the office. More

An 'Apple or Google country' out at sea?
Ex-Google employee Patri Friedman--grandson of Milton--wants to create "Burning Man meets Silicon Valley meets the water," 12 miles off the coast of San Francisco. He imagines "an Apple or Google country." More

Top 5: Things to consider when buying a smartphone (video)
Buying a smartphone shouldn't be as traumatic as doing your taxes. But it is. More

Best Windows Phone 7 smartphones
Microsoft may be playing catch-up in the smartphone market, but sometimes coming from behind makes you play so hard you blow the competition away. That's what these WP7 phones hope to do. More

Geek's guide to Europe CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman is on a mission with one aim: find the Old World's geekiest spots. Points of interest include the Lego manufacturing plants, the historic D-Day beaches, and the Paris Air Show. Parlez-vous geek? More

France bans Facebook and Twitter (the words)
France's broadcasting regulator decides that it is un-French to utter the heinous anglicisms "Facebook" and "Twitter." More

At E3, will Sony address the elephant in the room?
The biggest show of the year for Sony's gaming division kicks off Monday. The PlayStation security woes appear, for now, to be behind them. But will Sony take the opportunity to talk about what happened? More

Car Tech Live 218: Nissan Leaf sticks it to Chevy Volt (podcast)
Nissan slams the Volt as being a cousin to the leaf blower, a new app keeps an eye out for accidents ahead, and we drive the Mini Cooper S Countryman. More

GE DV1-GG Waterproof/Shockproof camcorder The rugged GE DV1minicamcorder is OK for casual Web videos. If you need more than that, look elsewhere. More