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This Day in Tech: Pope is tweeting with an iPad; MySpace sells for $35 million

Too busy to keep up with the tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Wednesday, June 29.

Too busy to keep up with the tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Wednesday, June 29.
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'Problematic Internet usage' more common than asthma
Studies examining the effect of media on youth in the U.S. find a correlation between over-usage and depression, sleep issues, obesity, and poor school performance. More

A reality check on nuclear fusion
Despite skepticism, research on nuclear fusion--long considered the ultimate in clean energy--quietly continues in labs around the world, including one at MIT. More

Sony shuffles its PlayStation honchos
Two longtime PlayStation execs retire, while Kazuo Hirai will become chairman of the unit. PlayStation Europe boss Andrew House will replace Hirai as group CEO and president. More

Samsung launches ITC complaint against Apple
The complaint, which cites mobile devices including smartphones and tablets, is the latest volley in a continuing patent skirmish between the two companies. More

Tweet Jesus! Pope starts tweeting on iPad
Pope Benedict XVI has started tweeting to the faithful with an iPad. Is Angry Birds next? More

The Bluebird Electric, Europe's fastest EV, will be shown at EcoVelocity
The Bluebird Electric, Europe's fastest EV, will be featured at Metro's green motor festival EcoVelocity, from September 8 to 11 at Battersea Power Station. More

MySpace sells to Specific Media for $35 million
The once-massive social network has been sold in a deal that's rumored to sit at $35 million. The buyer is advertising network Specific Media. More

Sony's battery business under DOJ investigation
The company has revealed that the federal government started an antitrust probe into the competitive practices of the rechargeable-battery industry in May. Sony says it is cooperating with the Justice Department. More

How to look inside Google Plus without an inviteHow-to Sharon Vaknin
As usual, Google released its latest social tool, Google Plus, with limited invites during its "field test" period. But just because you can't sign up, doesn't mean you can't access the social network. Sharon Vaknin shows you how. More

Get started using Twitter Video featuring Sharon Vaknin
Ready to join Twitter? Sharon Vaknin helps you learn the lingo and set up your profile, and she explains the Twitter culture. More

Ep. 850: Where Jill will do anything for love
Aunt Jill's been busy with her own podcast Jill On Money, but today she joins us on The 404 to answer your financial questions. Listen to this episode to find out what each of us did in our teenage years to make money, how kids today can make the most of their time, the best investment for an automobile, and the best way to handle your monthly credit card debt. Plus Jill helps us out with another Tang That Tune, now with a video and audio intro thanks to Patrick and Jamey! More

Samsung Dart (photos) Photos
The Samsung Dart is a decent entry-level phone for T-Mobile, but there are better options out there. More

Samsung Trender (Sprint) Video featuring Jessica Dolcourt
The Samsung Trender is a messaging phone for Sprint that takes us back. More