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These tiny smart toilet crafts are anything but crappy

Download miniature paper crafts of loos from the world's largest smart toilet manufacturer that look real enough to work.


Download miniature paper crafts of smart toilets from the Japanese bathroom fixtures company, Toto. 


Leave it to the world's largest smart toilet company Toto to entice fans of the loo to make their own crafty versions out of paper. 

Two versions of the famous Japanese company's toilet models in paper form are available from the company's website. There are paper crafts for the Neorest AH toilet and the Neorest RH toilet

You can download, print and cut out individual pieces before assembling them. Just remember, while these paper models of sophisticated smart toilets look very realistic, they are not operational. 

These toilet crafts also include tiny paper slippers in case you want to pose your favorite action figures on the toilet wearing cozy footwear. 

The site also has additional paper craft tutorials for the company's other products such as kitchen counters, sinks and even entire bathrooms for download.