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There's something in the air

Macworld Expo!

Hmm. What. Could. That. Be?

Apple TV wireless content downloading? Wireless backups? WiMax-enabled laptops? Free bean burritos under every seat?

The Macalop's leaning toward WiMax right now. It seems a typical Apple-y move and one that's occurred to the horny one ever since he got his iPhone. "Boy it'd sure be nice to be able to have ubiquitous Internet access with my laptop," the Macalope would say to the dryads and nymphs around him.

They'd just mumble "Yeah" and go back to playing Wii bowling.

The Macalope never should have bought them that. They're supposed to be making dewy nectar but all they do is play Wii bowling all day.

Anyway, the safe picks this year seem to involve some combination of the following:

  • New Apple TV with movie rentals.
  • Lightweight laptop, possibly with docking station.
  • An iPhone update might be announced, but certainly won't be released yet. The Macalope actually doubts it'll be announced yet, despite the loose lips of AT&T executives.
  • That thing that's in the air.

The horny one got sucked into the Beatles speculation last year and refuses to get roped in again this year. Which, of course, means it'll probably happen this year. But the Macalope still says no. No, no, no, no, no.

You're just going to have to keep listening to the White Album on vinyl as God intended it. Bonus points if you have the White Album on white vinyl. Ah, those were the days!

Unless "the device that dare not be called a Newton" gets unveiled, this keynote will probably not be of the magnitude of last year's and that's OK. Contrary to jackasstic belief, not every keynote has to introduce a game-changing device or Apple will "die". Mac, iPod, iPhone, remember? Unless the Macalope is very mistaken, Apple didn't release those at consecutive Macworld Expos.

Whatever gets announced, the Macalope will be there. 24 hours to go.