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The world's first (only?) vinegar robot

Hired to make presentations in Japan


Just because there are robots that clean pools, dispense tissues and make omelettes (badly), you may have thought that they've come up with one for pretty much everything. But we're willing to bet you hadn't thought of this: a bot that's an expert on vinegar.

That's right, in Japan--land of the future human-free society--the Tamanoi Vinegar Corporation has just hired a robot made by Buildup to make presentations about its namesake product. The inspiringly named Tamanoi Vinegar Robot "has a mouth that moves in sync with its voice, as well as a fiber-reinforced plastic outer shell that is colored black--like Tamanoi's black vinegar--with an iridescent coating that changes hue according to the viewing angle," according to Pink Tentacle.

Its first assignment will be to greet guests at the company's "Cyber Trip" amusement theater. (Vinegar is apparently big in Japan.) We hope this place doesn't attract too many small kids, because this thing looks more like a Star Wars villain than a cooking expert. By the way, does this mean its natural enemy is an oil bot?