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The week ahead: Loudcloud's IPO

The brainchild of Internet wunderkind and Netscape founder Marc Andreessen launches its IPO this week after several months of delay.

Following are some of the notable tech-related events scheduled for the week of March 5 through March 9.

Loudcloud, the Internet-infrastructure company started by Netscape pioneer Marc Andreessen, is scheduled to launch its IPO this week after several months of delay.

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company is slated to price 20 million common shares Wednesday, March 7, at a range of $8 to $10. The company will look to raise approximately $180 million.

Loudcloud approaches the public markets at an uncertain time for companies looking to go public. In addition to a general economic slowdown and repeated profit warnings from established companies, only 18 U.S. companies have launched IPOs this year, compared with 66 during the same time period last year, according to market research company CommScan.

Given these conditions, analysts say the company should expect a tough debut. Still, Loudcloud carries the high-profile name of its founder, an asset that will undoubtedly soothe investor jitters.

Also this week, the annual telecommunications conference CT Expo will take place in Los Angeles. Communications products, services and network applications will be introduced and demonstrated at the conference.

The information was gathered from First Call, Hoover's Online, CCBN's StreetEvents and CNET Investor.

Other events scheduled this week:

Tech Events

Monday, March 5

  • M-Entertainment Summit will take place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Jose, Calif., March 5-6. The two-day event will focus on developing interactive content and establishing initiatives for I-Mode, SMS, and WAP-based technologies.

  • The 2001 Global Internet Summit will take place at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., March 5-8. Technology leaders will gather at this three-day event to discuss issues including Internet security, global infrastructure, and challenges in the equity markets. Speakers include Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers and Virginia Gov. James Gilmore.

  • Credit Suisse First Bank will host the Telecom CEO Conference at the Grand Hyatt in New York City, March 5-7. Speakers will include T-Mobil CEO Kai-Uwe Ricke and BellSouth CEO Duane Ackerman.

  • The National Convention & Techworld will take place at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, March 5-9. Directed at the banking community, the conference will feature the latest in banking technology and services. Speakers include Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, Independent Community Bankers of America's Tom Sheehan, and Comptroller of the Currency John Hawke.

Tuesday, March 6
  • Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference 2001 will take place at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, Mass., March 6-8. Representatives from government, business, education, the media and security will come together to discuss the impact of computers and the Internet on society.

  • CT Expo 2001 will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center on March 6-8. Technology and enabling applications that companies need in the e-business age will be demonstrated, discussed and debated at this three-day conference.

Wednesday, March 7
  • M-Commerce Summit will take place at the Radisson Plaza Hotel Admiral in Toronto-Harbourfront, Ontario, March 7-9. This two-day industry event will feature representatives from MSN Mobile, Noblestar,, Go2Wireless and others. Topics to be discussed include how to launch a successful "m-commerce" strategy and how to build a "click-and-mortar" presence on wireless technology.

  • The Directory Driven Commerce Conference will take place at the Wyndham Palace Resort & Spa in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Mar 7-9. The three-day event will look at the affect of new technologies on the directory publishing enterprise. Speakers include Satya Nadella, vice president of Microsoft bCentral, and Pat Engels, CEO of SBC Directory Operations.

  • Leadership in the New Economy will take place at George Mason University School of Law in Fairfax, Va., Mar 7. KPMG Consulting CEO Rand Blazer will lead a discussion about issues facing Corporate America as it copes with the challenges of leading and managing in the New Economy. The talk is part of the Global Internet Summit.

Thursday, March 8
  • Telecom Trends: Markets and Technologies will take place at the Omni Austin Hotel in Austin, Texas, March 8-10. The seminar will offer an update of emerging technology and related business trends and events in the telecommunications industry.

  • Intellectual Property will take place at Ohio State University College of Law in Columbus, Ohio, March 8-10. The conference will examine the affect of technological change on the creation, dissemination and protection of intellectual property.

Friday, March 9
  • Tech Talk Live, A Series on High Technology will take place at the the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Calif., March 9. Erkki Liikanen, commissioner for Enterprise and the Information Society, will speak on how Europe's approach toward technology issues such as peer-to-peer, security, and privacy differs from the United States.

  • South By Southwest Interactive Festival will take place at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas, March 9-18. A music trade show, and a film/interactive trade show will both be held at this conference. Speakers will include Freenet creator Ian Clarke; and John Heilemann, author of the book, "Pride Before the Fall: The Trials of Bill Gates and the End of the Microsoft Era."