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The Web out-Picassos itself: Welcome, sticky tape selfies

In the latest and perhaps most tastelessly sweet Internet meme, people are wrapping their faces in sticky tape and snapping the results. Perfect for your 3-year-old this weekend.


Your 3-year-old nephew loves to pull faces, doesn't he?

And he loves it when you pull faces too? In fact, you can spend whole hours just pulling faces at each other and laughing.

You're familiar, by now, with the fact that the Web is largely populated by 3-year-olds. It was only a matter of time and brain-sparking, therefore, before pulling faces captured the virtual world.

New, bright, spark-filled hashtags such as #sellotapeselfie or simply #sellotape don't merely contain faces pulled by natural means. No, they involve wrapping sticky tape around your head and seeing just how close to a Picasso you look.

The #sellofie (yes, another hashtag for the craze) is rooted in the sticky tape brand name Sellotape, which is familiar in many parts of the world.

It's also rooted in that particular part of the brain which houses tears of wonderment.

There's something so very uplifting about people going through such pain in order to make others feel, well, something.

Personally, I am unspeakably bathed in admiration. These are, at heart, the most selfless selfies every taken.

For once, people somewhere out there in Webworld are going through personal and physical pain, just to tell everyone else: "I did this just for you."

Now that is art of the most exalted kind.