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The ViewPad 10e is too expensive, even given its sub-$300 price

In the wake of Asus' $250 quad core tablet announcement, even a $280 10-inch tablet is too expensive.

Even the ViewPad's 10-inch IPS screen can't save it. Corinne Schulze/CNET

LAS VEGAS--As demanding as CES can be for writers to cover, vendors must experience an even crueler level of hell. As a vendor, you can lay your plans the best you can, only to have your thunder stolen at a moment's notice by the competition.

The Viewsonic ViewPad 10e is a newly announced 10-inch tablet for $280, that lives now in the wake of Asus' announcement of its $250 quad core 7-incher.

The ViewPad 10e actually sports a pretty thin design, measuring 9.1mm and felt fairly light in my hands. Also, its 10-inch IPS screen is bright with wide viewing angles.

Unfortunately, it runs Gingerbread as its OS and the screen resolution tops out at 1024x600. So, given those specs the 10e was already too expensive, even before the Asus shocker.

The Asus announcement may signal a trend that you don't have to sacrifice performance to get your price down. At least I hope it does. The ViewPad 10e will be available in late January.

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