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'The Tick' returns to Amazon Prime in late February 2018

Several Amazon originals make their return, including the only superhero television show available online. Well, the only one with a sidekick dressed as a moth.


You've got to admit, the guy knows how to make an entrance. 

Jessica Miglio

On Feb. 23, the second part of season 1 of "The Tick" will stream on Amazon Prime. I'm not the biggest fan of breaking up seasons like this and am curious if it results in more views or not.

Anyway, Amazon has the fourth season of "Mozart in the Jungle" coming up as well. It's a show I have yet to get really into since there are some NSFW scenes (and I tried to watch it at work).

As for movies, "Logan Lucky" might be one of the bigger, more recent titles to hit a streaming service. It's a Steven Soderbergh movie where a heist is taking place during a NASCAR race. In my head, this movie is clearly "Cars" meets "Ocean's Eleven." Check out the full list below:

Available on Amazon Prime, Feb. 2018

Feb. 1

Feb. 2

  • Absentia, season 1 (Prime Original)

Feb. 4

Feb. 6

  • Danica

Feb. 7

Feb. 8

  • Mother's Day

Feb. 9

Feb. 10

  • Breathe
  • No Stone Unturned

Feb. 11

  • Run the Tide

Feb. 13

  • The Ballad of Lefty Brown
  • Stinky & Dirty Valentine's Day Special (Prime Original)

Feb. 14

  • National Lampoon Presents Cattle Call
  • Star Trek

Feb. 16

Feb. 18

Feb. 23

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