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TV tussle and the best of CES 2015 in CNET UK podcast 416

Meet the coolest and the clueless gadgets from Las Vegas, from eye-popping top-end TVs to washing machines inside washing machines.

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If you want to take a gamble on gadgets, spin the wheel and get ready to place on your bets on the latest technology being unveiled in Las Vegas at CES 2015. From crowdfunded trinkets hoping to double down, to eye-popping top-end TVs, we find out which new tech hits the jackpot.

There's no video this week, as Producer Marc Who You Will Never See is in Vegas and he's taken the keys to the studio with him. But you can enjoy Jason, Andy and Rich getting to grips with CES without having to actually look at them, which is a win for everyone.

CES is an annual trade show where the world's technology industry gathers in the city of sin to ply their wares for the forthcoming year. As always, cutting-edge TVs are a major part of the show, and this year LG's excellent OLED tellies are challenged by Samsung's new SUHD and Quantum Dot technology -- we explain all, in short sentences and words of limited syllables.

We meet the phones making their debut, including the bendy LG G Flex 2 and the £4,000 Torino Lamborghini 88 Tauri . We cheer for the reversible USB type C, find out how Kickstarter is changing the way CES does business, and weigh up the latest wearables. Plus, we find out why the weirdest new trend is washing machines with knobs on.

Meanwhile, away from the glitz and the glamour of Vegas, 2015 is shaping up to be another year of security and privacy catastrophes as Moonpig and police-advocated property register Immobilise are found to be open to attack by wrong'uns. In better news, Three gives you free calls in Spain, and Google puts the bite on Bluetooth with Wi-Fi audio-streaming system Cast.

Hit play on the audio player and enjoy!

TV tussle and the best of CES 2015 in CNET UK podcast 416

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After that, we hear you in our feedback section. Keep telling us what you think of the show and the rest of the week's technology news in the comments below.

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