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The laptop you could fry a steak on

Usually, you want to keep laptops cool. An industrial designer comes up with an idea for one that does exactly the opposite.

Burgers and browsing. Dragan Trenchevski

Think "spam" and "laptop" and chances are good that the canned meat isn't going to come to mind. But if the laptop in question is the one dreamed up by designer Dragan Trenchevski, you might just want to bust out the oil and some onions.

Trenchevski has come up with a concept for a laptop-style cooking surface he calls the "Electrolux Mobile Kitchen." At first, it seems like a gag, but when you think about how convenient such a thing would be for camping or picnicking in the park, you kind of start to want one. I know I did.

Right now the Mobile Kitchen is just a concept, but Trenchevski has put a lot of thought into how it would work. When you lift the lid, you see a cutting board that lifts out easily thanks to a little fabric tab. The cutting board also contains a secret slide-out grater. Once the board is removed, you reveal an induction cooking surface. The surface would respond to differently sized pots or pans and only output the energy needed to heat their surface to save energy.

The lid itself is a touch-screen laptop which, Trenchevski says, could be used to stream cooking tutorial videos, look up recipes or Skype your mom to get help with a tricky dish. It would have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well as a camera, speaker and microphone. Hopefully it's also grease resistant because once that Spam gets frying, splatters can't be far away.

As an industrial designer, Trenchevski created a wide range of fun and practical design ideas while he was on the faculty of Mechanical Engineering at a university in Skopje, Macedonia, which you can check out on his Behance page.

The device when closed. Dragan Trenchevski
The cutting board. Dragan Trenchevski
The tech. Dragan Trenchevski

(Via Yanko Design)