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The headset as a work of art

The Jawbone makes a bold statement

It's rare that we see a device that performs well and actually makes a good fashion statement. The Aliph Jawbone is apparently one of those exceptions.

Gizmodo says the unique over-the-ear Bluetooth headset "uses military noise-canceling tech that can drown out the violent screams of traffic, lawnmowers, and anything else NOT your voice by using an array of microphones." But what really makes this product stand out is its aesthetic qualities--not an easy accomplishment given the limitations of size and the infinite competition of its market.

The Jawbone's stunning appearance is no accident: It was created by designer Yves Behar, whom BusinessWeek dubbed "The Brand Wizard" last year. Even though some concerns have been raised about its wind resistance, we think it's a reasonable tradeoff for a work of art.