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'The Force Awakens' trailer, now with more Wes Anderson and Michael Bay

Wouldn't the trailer for "The Force Awakens" be better with more explosions, French music and Rick Moranis? Parodies imagine Michael Bay, Wes Anderson and Mel Brooks as directors.

Have you had enough "Star Wars" this week, Padawan?

As hype and excitement for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" builds following the release of the official trailer last week, so too do the number of parody trailers hitting YouTube. We've already seen a George Lucas version of the trailer, as well as one styled after and even one done completely in Lego, and three new parodies trailers out this week reimagine the trailer through the eyes of Michael Bay, Wes Anderson and Mel Brooks.

The Michael Bay trailer by animator Jamie Spicer-Lewis features explosions aplenty, including some that seem to erupt for no reason. And as anyone who has seen even just five minutes of a Michael Bay film might imagine, there are boatloads of product placements and sponsorships throughout, including the Goodyear blimp flying over Tatooine, Bud Light stormtroopers and an Oreo logo on the soccer ball droid.

The Wes Anderson trailer by USC film student Jonah Feingold is a bit more artsy and lighthearted, reflecting the dry quirky wit and vibrant colors found in many of his films. The trailer is set to French music (of course) and an abundance of text in both French and English appears onscreen throughout. If there's any trailer more Wes Anderson than this one, Wes Anderson hasn't Wes Anderson'd it yet.

Finally, and probably my favorite of the three, is the Mel Brooks version from FilmGeekery. This trailer isn't exactly a reimagining of how Brooks would do "Star Wars," but it does use clips from Brooks' excellent 1987 space parody "Spaceballs." The clips are perfectly tied into the voice-overs from the original "The Force Awakens" trailer, and will easily have you chuckling.

Watch the Michael Bay trailer at the top of this post, and the Wes Anderson and "Spaceballs" versions below. And may the Schwartz be with you.