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The fallout of 'false consensus'

In response to the July 29 Perspectives column by Jon Oltsik, "Why blaming technology is a cop-out":

Thank you for taking on a subject that some may find dangerous. That is the kind of journalism that is both appreciated and sorely needed. Your article on legacy IT captures the issues we see every day in our work with enterprises, particularly the largest ones.

The infighting often gets to the point where solutions are selected based on "false consensus." By that, I mean that the solution is not one that anyone truly believes will work. Instead, it is the one that everyone agrees will not cost their job or power within the company.

Until this outmoded structure is resolved, many large companies will continue to lose their edge. They will survive because of size alone, rather than using their scale advantages to thrive. What a shame.

J.R. Roedel
Boston, Mass.