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The 404 Podcast 519: Where we're too fat to fit through 7 Windows

This is the show where we're too fat to fit through 7 Windows Series Phone Live .NET XP 2010

Seattle, c/o listener Drew CNET/The 404

Now that Chalentine's Day is over, we're back and ready to tackle the big news of the weekend: Windows Phone 7, the new mobile operating system just announced last Monday at a press conference at the Mobile World Congress 2010. Jeff is naturally apathetic toward the new OS after moving on to the Palm Pre, but the rest of the industry is excited about the proprietary PC client used to sync your phone to your PC--no more ActiveSync! Check out CNET's Crave blog for more info.

make it stop Zazzle

Today's episode asks the tough questions on all our minds: would you rather sign your dog up for Twitter or get a Nickleback tattoo on your forearm? Mattel will soon release a device that enables puppies to tweet out over 500 programmed messages that correspond to a motion sensor on a plastic collar tag. Using special software and a USB receiver, Puppy Tweets sells for $30 and will be available this fall.

Keep those sticker pictures coming! We're nowhere close to running out of stickers and tattoos, so send us a SASE if you want your own handful of 404 shwag, and don't forget to send pictures to us of where you stuck them (hopefully in a location with high visibility) to the404(at)cnet(dot)com!\

Finally, head over to Sugar Rock Catwalk for more fashion tips, courtesy of Ms. Erin Lee and Ms. Lani Nguyen!



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