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The 404 660: Where is that Yu in the background? (podcast)

Show topics include Craigslist censorship, Duke Nukem Forever, the new iTunes logo, jailbreaking a PS3 with a calculator, and the growing NY bedbug infestation!

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Happy belated Labor Day! Today's show title comes courtesy of 404 listener bitMorph3r, who spotted yours truly riding my bike through the background shot in an episode of Michio Kaku's Sci-Fi Science. Check out the video clip here, and thanks again to bitMorph3r's hawk eye for the shot!

On today's episode of The 404 Podcast we say goodbye to Craigslist Adult Services, revisit the Duke Nuken Forever saga, argue over the new iTunes logo, show you how to jailbreak a PS3 with a TI-84 graphing calculator, and get scratch silly over the bedbug infestation sweeping the Google office in New York City.

After much controversy, the Craigslist finally blocked access to its "adult services" section over the weekend. Head over to and you'll now see an ugly black "CENSORED" bar covering the location of the original link.

Founder Craig Newmark is so far silent on the issue, and it's unclear at this point if the change is temporary or permanent, but Interpervs can still get their paid freak on using other Web services that you can research in Gawker's latest "Post-Craigslist Guide to Buying Sex Online."


Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced a new iTunes logo to go along with iTunes version 10, but not everyone is satisfied with the redesign. One user, Josh Kopac, decided to take it upon himself to e-mail Jobs and express his distaste, saying he "enjoyed the presentation today. But...this new iTunes logo really sucks..." to which Steve replied, "We disagree." Sometimes two words is all it takes to dead-end an argument!

After 14 years of painful waiting, Duke Nukem Forever might finally see the light of day after all. According to Jeff's report, 2K Games recently announced that Gearbox Software is taking the rights to its development, which is supposedly in the final stages. As usual, Jeff is skeptical that the game will come out before the end of the century, especially after all the controversy and drama surrounding its release. Check out this article in Wired for the full story.

All these stories coming your way on today's episode of CNET's The 404 Podcast! Enjoy!

Episode 660


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