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The 404 1,485: Where Andrew W.K. is the ninth wonder of the world (podcast)

Rocker Andrew W.K. is back on The 404 with sage advice about New York, social media, and positivity. We'll get his take on the state of music journalism, check out his old modeling lookbook, and finish up with a performance by the man himself, with lyrics by 404 listeners!

Andrew W.K. performs a medley of impromptu songs based on The 404 Show! CNET/The 404

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- On May 22, Andrew W.K. will appear at The Strand Bookstore to discuss "I Get Wet," a book about his first album.

- Andrew W.K. on remaining positive in a world of online negativity.

- Has music criticism devolved into gossip lifestyle reporting?

- Check out Andrew W.K.'s cover of the "Mickey Mouse Club March," which appears on the "Mosh Pit on Disney" album released only in Japan. Bonus round: Gundam Rock!

Episode 1,485

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Episode 1,485

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