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The 404 1,475: Where we play a game of drones (podcast)

We're back at it with another show rundown! Today we're talking about Atari finally digging up those lost ET cartridges, unearthing a floppy disk containing all of Andy Warhol's digital art works, jamming cellphones on your work commute, drone photography trends, and a eulogy for Twitter.


Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- A guy in Florida spent two years of his life jamming cellphones during his daily commute to work

- After 31 years, Atari finally dug up the landfill in New Mexico with eight truckloads of that terrible E.T. video game

- Let the groaning begin: the latest tech trend is drone photography, aka "dronies."

- A set of floppy disks containing Andy Warhol's digital art is making art history A Twitter "eulogy"

- A eulogy for Twitter - RIP?

Episode 1,475

Now playing: Watch this: The 404 1,475: Where we play a game of drones

Episode 1,475

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