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The 404 1,079: Where we ban all the skinnies (podcast)

Did my cell phone just vibrate or am I going crazy? Today's 404 episode explains phantom cell phone vibrations and why the new Samsung Galaxy S3 randomly burst into flames. We'll also talk about a YouTube video showing excessive bullying and what you can do about it, and a gym banning skinny people from exercising!

On today's 404 episode, we'll solve the mystery of phantom cell phone vibrations and why we're so often tricked into thinking our phones have a mind of their own. One psychologist from the University of Sydney thinks that it has to do with electrical currents running through parts of the body surrounding the phone, while another professor of psychology believes it's in ours heads, that our addiction to technology has made us paranoid about e-notifications.


Walking around New York in this heatwave is enough of a workout for anyone these days, but some gym-goers in Canada are so sick of skinny people making them look bad that they've issued a ban on anyone that can't be described as "plus size."

According to the NY Daily News, Body Exchange gym in Vancouver claims to be a "safe haven" for overweight people that feel scrutinized when they work out next to those without an addiction to food. Unfortunately, we'll have to defer to Richard to comment on this story, as neither Jeff nor I have ever been inside a gym.

Next we'll all complain for a few minutes about YouTube video ads reaching an all-time high, but we're still thankful that the service exists -- how else would the Internet find out about school bus injustices in Greece, New York?

Two days ago, a Redditor posted a video showing a pack of teenagers bullying an innocent bus monitor.

The video garnered so much sympathy for the woman that instead of issuing the community's typical brand of Web justice, readers actually set up a separate CALL TO ARMS thread to galvanize support. A redditor them established an Indiegogo account to collect donations for an early retirement/vacation, and so far the KAREN FUNDRAISER has amassed more than $196,000!

Other stories leaked from today's rundown include the new Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) bursting into flames and melting its casing, a gym in Canada banning skinnies from working out, and a special CNET Exclusives for a pair of Outdoor Technology DJ Slims Bluetooth headphones!

Quick order of business: we're starting to clip out and upload some of the best-of segments of each 404 episode to our 404 YouTube page.

We're hoping that these shorter clips will be easier to share with friends and spread across the Web, so don't forget to check out our Facebook page for daily updates and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

The first one features our response to a voice mail questioning what to wear when you see your favorite band. Enjoy!

Bathroom break video: Sea otter pup shields eyes from the sun.

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