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The 404 1,056: Where you don't win friends with salad (podcast)

Leaked from today's episode: a new Netflix video player, "30 Rock" enters its last season, a band randomly picks up hitch-hiking John Waters, and how popular is your birthday?

The Netflix video streaming player finally gets an overhaul, but most of the upgrades to the navigation and video thumbnail layouts feel vaguely reminiscent to us, but we can't put a finger on it.

Speaking of streaming video, we'll also made a plea to HBO to broadcast episodes of "Game of Thrones" to non-subscribers. The show has quickly become the most pirated show of 2012 so far, and although we understand HBO's rights to keep the episodes in-house, we can't help but wonder why the network isn't taking advantage of this opportunity to get more money. Related: this week's Low Latency comic.

And while we're talking about shows we love, we're saddened at the news of "30 Rock" closing its doors after this fall. There's likely many reasons why the sitcom is ending, but we think it might have to do with the psyche of the average American couch potato that prefers a show like "The New Girl" to a more cerebral, metropolitan setting.

Stay tuned after the break for a special Q&A session hosted by the chat room listeners!

Bathroom break video: "Game of Thrones" theme song played on eight floppy drives

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