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The 404 1,002: Where Peter Ha has no inner monologue (podcast)

Peter Ha, tech editor for The Daily, stops by for a chat about next week's Apple event, the infamous Apple blacklist, the 2011 Razzie nominations, and a new condom from Planned Parenthood that tracks its users!


Peter Ha takes a cab straight to our studio from the airport, so we'll forgive him if he drops a few expletives during today's recording. He also received an invite to an Apple event in San Francisco next week, so it looks like the West Coast can't wait to welcome him back!

Peter deals in tech news everyday at The Daily so we'll start things off with an offbeat chat about the 2011 Razzie nominations, an awards tribute to the year's worst movies.

No surprise here, but Adam Sandler broke the record with 11 nominations for his "performance" in "Jack and Jill."

Stick around and you'll hear more stories about Whole Foods prototyping a Kinect on its next-generation shopping carts, and a horrible idea from Planned Parenthood to put location-tracking QR codes on free condoms.

Leaked from 404 Podcast 1,002:

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