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The 404 1,000: Where we enter the 2K (podcast)

We ask our old flame Wilson Tang back on the show to help us celebrate 1,000 episodes of The 404 Podcast.


Welcome to our 1,000th episode of The 404 Podcast! It's an exciting mile marker for the show, so we commemorate it with Wilson Tang--remember that guy?

This episode is packed with stories guaranteed to induce Wilson's chuckle that we miss so dearly.

And since we all know how much Wilson worships Apple, we're talking about a bunch of Idiots paying for a $0.99 service that adds a "Sent From My iPhone" signature to the end of every going message, YouPorn getting caught with their collective pants down, Google adding concert listings to their search results, and an ugly YouTube trend that takes advantage of self-conscious teenagers.

Leaked from 404 Podcast 1000:

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Episode 1000

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