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The 10 worst cities for 'iJacking'

There was a time when "best cities" surveys focused on such items as weather, schools and recreational activities. In this thoroughly modern digital age, you can add a category for "iJacking."


Sperling's Best Places, which has been ranking the livability of cities for more than two decades, this week released a list of U.S. cities deemed to carry the highest risk of ID theft. Taking first was digitally saturated San Francisco, while last (and therefore ostensibly the safest) was Pittsburgh, at No. 50.

Regardless of their location, however, bloggers didn't seem either alarmed or elated about the findings. Perhaps this insouciance, like the very inclusion of iJacking in such rankings, is simply a sign of the times.

Blog community response:

"Interesting that almost all of the top 10 are Western U.S. cities. The article doesn't do a good enough job of explaining why this is in my opinion. And, the safest cities are mostly Eastern cities. Hmm. Interesting."

"How accurate is this survey? It's hard to tell. Since the study is predicting risk without using actual identity theft rates, it's all pretty hypothetical."

"Rochester Among Safest Cities in the Nation!! You heard it third here (stolen via Digg)--although we had 3 homicides over the weekend--we are one of the safest cities in the nation for identity theft. If only the people committing the murders, rape and vice stuff would get the message."
--Cyrus' Life