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Text all the way to JFK

Jet Blue may allow in-flight texting.

Texting at 35,000 feet Jet Blue

Qantas is getting on board as is Air France. So it was only a matter of time before a U.S. airline floated the idea of using cell phones in-flight. As CNET reports, Jet Blue CEO David Neeleman said texting could have a future in the skies. Neeleman also said listening to voice mail could be allowed, as long as ringtones and message alerts are silenced. On the other hand, voice calls would still be prohibited given the FCC's continued ban on using cell phones while in the air. At least you'll be able to enjoy your blue potato chips in relative peace and quiet. Neeleman didn't say when, or even if, his airline would start a test program for in-flight texting but if Australian and French airlines formerly approve onboard cell phone use, you can bet that Jet Blue and others won't be far behind.