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Terrorism and outsourcing

Kashmir separatists planned attack on Indian outsourcing firms

Police in India have uncovered a terrorist plot targeting the country's booming information technology economy, according to numerous reports on Monday, including one from CNET's own Indian correspondent, Dinesh Sharma.

The plot was reportedly hatched by a militant group seeking the separation of Kashmir from India. The plan included a hit list of companies located in Bangalore, which is home to some of India's most successful outsourcing firms, including Infosys and Wipro. Many American high-tech companies, including Accenture, Microsoft and Yahoo, have development centers there too. Police didn't disclose the names of intended targets.

Closer to home, the Bush administration has never been one to discourage outsourcing, even though it's a political hot potato. But it just got hotter this week with reports that the CIA is shipping suspected terrorists overseas, outsourcing interrogation to foreign intelligence agencies in such exotic locales as Uzbekistan.

Some suspect the main draw of these arrangements is the lax laws around torture in such places, but government officials say it's to save money. This Village Voice story spotlights a testy White House response to the issue.