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Telling time the 'Pong' way

The exotic Pong Clock, designed by Netherlands based-design studio Buro Vormkrijgers, merges old-school video game chic with new flat-panel technology.

The clock is based on the original "Pong" game released by Atari in 1976. Although a phenomenally basic game by today's standards, "Pong" was cutting-edge back when it came out.

Pong Clock
Credit: Buro Vormkrijgers

The Pong Clock features both the game and the time, automatically playing a hypnotic game of "Pong." A minute passes and the "player" on the right scores a point. When an hour rolls by, the "player" on the left scores a point.

A limited supply of the clocks was created, and unfortunately, the manufacturer has sold out of its first run. However, they did retain 10 units that will be sold on eBay in the near future. The units originally sold for around $240, so expect this smaller supply to sell for a bit more.