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Tech Industry

Telcos merge and converge

The "urge to merge" among telecom firms is heating up once again, with buyouts brought on by deregulation and the marriage of voice and data.

The "urge to merge" among telecommunications carriers is heating up once again. Telco buyouts, such as SBC Communications' agreement to buy Ameritech this week, are brought on by deregulation and the marriage of voice and data technologies.

Telco CEOs take no prisoners
update In a once sluggish industry, WorldCom chief executive Bernard Ebbers and SBC Communications CEO Edward Whitacre are gobbling up telcos faster than anybody.

EC: WorldCom report "rubbish"
The EC reportedly dismisses a report that the EU antitrust watchdog is expected to insist WorldCom sell off some of its Internet holdings.

Telcos aim for one-stop shops
update | news analysis The $62-billion buyout of Ameritech by SBC Communications is another bold move to create a "one-stop shop" for phone and data services in the telecommunications industry.

SBC to buy Ameritech
update SBC Communications says it has agreed to acquire fellow U.S. telephone company Ameritech in a stock swap valued at $62 billion.

AT&T broadens Net strategy
news analysis After a wild week on the Internet, in which it announced partnerships with three major search and content sites, AT&T is promising more of the same to come.