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Tedious yardwork gets a hip makeover

This prototype lawnmower from an Aussie designer has a small footprint and sleek look.

Why can't every dull domestic task involve a ridiculously cute appliance like this one?

I would actually look forward to pulling on the gardening gloves and clogs if I had this shiny white toy to play with. I mean, it's an electric lawnmower-slash-mulcher shaped like a bubble. With neon green accents! Sigh.

Droplet Electric Mower/Mulcher by Ashley Marsh-Croft

Alas, the Droplet Electric Mower/Mulcher is but a prototype created by Australian designer Ashley Marsh-Croft. says the Droplet is designed with small spaces in mind and meant to improve the gardening experience. Check aaaand check. I'm sold. Can they just please make it now?

To be fair, despite the promise of looking fabulous while mowing the lawn, it's probably not the type of thing you can take into Sears for repair.

(Thanks to for pointing to it.)