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Tech stocks not slowing

High-tech stocks surge again, fueled by positive earnings reports. The tech-heavy Nasdaq also climbs into record territory.

High-tech stocks surged again this week, fueled by positive earnings reports. Some analysts remain cautious, however, pointing to the lingering Asian economic crisis and slower demand for PCs.'s bang-up IPO
update Shares in the audio and video Internet broadcaster more than triple in its first day of trading.

Tech earnings boost Nasdaq
update Sun and Sybase lead the way as the tech-heavy Nasdaq is again trading above records levels.

Can Yahoo stock outdo itself?
After the high-flying company crushed second-quarter earnings estimates last week, its fans heaved a collective sigh of relief.

Some analysts bullish on Apple
Although the Mac maker blew past most estimates for its third-quarter earnings, not all analysts are blindsided by the news.

Sybase CEO: Back to growth
The data management company surprises Wall Street, posting a slight profit as opposed to a loss.