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Sync any MP3 player with iTunes

You can make any non-iPod, even a USB drive, play nice with iTunes with these apps.

Much has been made about the Palm Pre naturally syncing with iTunes at launch. But Boy Genius Report pointed out, and LifeHacker seconded the motion, that any device can sync with iTunes, if you have a little third-party software help along the way. I'll show you in our video.

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For Windows folks, try iTunes Agent which you can get at CNET Download.

If you don't have the latest .NET framework for Windows, you'll get an error, so go to and get the latest version and install it.

Also, make sure you have iTunes installed, or it might have trouble communicating with iTunes.

Once you have iTunes agent up and running it will prompt you to configure it. If you've never used it before, just say no. You're indicating you don't have a previous profile you need to transfer. If all goes well, iTunes will launch and a pop-up will tell you iTunes Agent is ready to sync your devices.

To add a new device, make sure it's connected to your computer, then right click on the iTunes Agent icon in the system tray and choose preferences.

Press New. You'll get a warning letting you know that the first time you sync, all the data on the new device will be erased. So, be sure you have everything off the device before you go ahead.

Then fill out the fields, naming your device, and so on. Point the folder to the place on the new device where you want the music to go. You can choose particular playlists to associate with this device. Once you're done, press save.

To sync, right click on iTunes Agent and select synchronise devices.

Your selected songs will now be synced to the device.

Mac users should look up iTunemyWalkman from Ilari Scheinin, which is similar to iTunes Agent.