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Symantec ships Web shopping shield

New Norton Confidential software is designed to protect consumers as they do business online.

Symantec on Monday announced the availability of Norton Confidential, a new product designed to protect consumers as they do business online. Norton Confidential includes technologies to shield against data-thieving phishing Web sites and eavesdropping malicious software such as keystroke loggers and screen scrapers, Symantec said in a statement.

The product also helps manage personal information such as passwords and account numbers, and authenticates Web sites to indicate whether it's safe to carry out transactions there, Symantec said. Norton Confidential follows the release of Symantec's 2007 line of security products and precedes the release of Norton 360, a completely revamped, all-inclusive, security suite slated for launch early next year. Norton Confidential is priced at $49.99, including a year of updates.