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Symantec completes Relicore buy

Acquisition to help Symantec build products for simplified data center management.

Symantec on Tuesday said it completed the acquisition of Relicore, a provider of data center automation software. The takeover, initially announced on Feb. 7, is meant to help Symantec build a product offering for standardized, simplified data center management, it said in a statement. Symantec acquired its existing line of storage and server management software through its acquisition of Veritas.

Clarity, Relicore's main product, will continue to be offered as a stand-alone product through Symantec. The software is designed to automatically detect dependencies between different components of business applications so IT administrators can spot and fix problems. The Relicore software creates a visual map of a corporate data center hardware and software and keeps a record of how products are configured. Symantec will continue to offer Relicore services to Relicore?s customers and partners, it said.