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Swarvoski disease infects Mickey's ears

It's a classic case of taking a good thing one step too far.


Once again, the concept of "one step too far" seems to have eluded yet another gadget maker. And this time, appropriately enough, it involves one of the all-time leaders of marketing excess, the Magic Kingdom.

We agreed with fellow Craver Jasmine France in appreciating the clever and simple design of the "MPlayer," Disney's latest MP3 homage to Steamboat Willy (and much more appealing than previous players, we might add). Now the bad news: There's a hot pink version festooned with ears covered in Swarovski crystals, according to Tokyomango, apparently a misguided "Valentine edition" just released in Japan. (It gets worse.)

As much as we often envy the Asian markets for products available only in that part of the world, this is one instance when we're happy to be excluded.