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Swanky speakers deserve better than Johnnie Walker Red Label

Bring on the Grey Goose!


A bunch of the blogs (Gizmodo, BornRich) have been featuring the Aussie audio company VAF's latest endeavor, which looks like a piece of wall decor out of a Design Within Reach catalog but is actually a very impressive set of speakers. Each side is about two feet long, and they protrude barely five inches from the wall. When they're released in March, they will apparently come in a variety of colors. Neat, huh?

But I've got a bone to pick with VAF's presentation of their cool new product. I mean, come on. We're sharp-eyed here at Crave, and we're very disappointed by the array of liquor brands displayed atop these highly classy speakers. Kahlua? Bailey's? Johnnie Walker Red Label? It looks more like the bar selection from an Applebee's restaurant. Let's be serious here--these speakers need some Grey Goose, or at the very least Tanqueray.