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SuSE, Turbolinux pool Linux efforts

The companies join forces for products based on SuSE's Enterprise Server software running on higher-end IBM servers.

SuSE and Turbolinux have joined forces for products running on higher-end IBM servers.

SuSE, based in Germany, and Turbolinux, based in Japan, announced a strategic agreement Thursday to jointly develop Linux operating system products for IBM's higher-end servers. The products will be based on SuSE's Enterprise Server software.

The two companies have much smaller Linux sales than do leader Red Hat, according to IDC. To try to improve their collective position, the two companies combined with Brazil's Conectiva and Utah's SCO Group to form UnitedLinux in May.

UnitedLinux also put SuSE's software at the core, but that partnership only involved Intel processor-based servers. The new alliance covers IBM's mainframe zSeries systems, its Unix pSeries systems and its mid-range iSeries systems.

Turbolinux in August returned to focus on its core Japanese market after unsuccessfully attempting to expand into the North American market and offer shares as an initial public offering.

"This strategic alliance with SuSE provides products and services based on global standards while optimizing local needs," said Turbolinux President Koichi Yano in a statement.