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Sun unveils open-source storage line

The open-source appliances in the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems line are intended to lure price-sensitive customers.

Sun Microsystems unveiled Monday its Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems line, as it seeks to turn around its ailing business by once again turning to open source.

The Sun 7410 storage array
The Sun 7410 storage array. Sun Microsystems

The Sun Storage 7000 line, formerly known as "Amber Road," is intended to bolster the company's storage business by adding open source to its hardware, in a move to make it easier for customers to install and configure the systems and reduce costs. The line will be part of the company's Unified Storage Systems.

Sun's three open-source storage are designed to increase the performance while lower cooling requirements via Sun's Solaris Zettabyte file system (ZFS). These are the new model:

• Sun Storage 7110: Ultra compact model with 2 terabytes (TB) of storage. Pricing is expected to begin at $10,000.
• Sun Storage 7210: Midrange storage featuring up to 48 TB of storage capacity in a four-unit form factor; includes support for write-optimized solid-state disks that use Sun's Flash Hybrid Storage Pool technology. Pricing begins at $34,995.
• Sun Storage 7410: Highly configurable storage system with support for up to a half-petabyte of capacity that includes support for read- and write-optimized solid-state drives and the Flash Hybrid Storage Pool technology. Pricing begins at $57,490 for a single-node version (12 TB)

These systems are also available in clustered configurations. The clustered 12TB version is expected to begin at $89,490.