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Summer solstice at Stonehenge to be livestreamed this year

While social distancing measures are in place, you can still celebrate the turning of the seasonal wheel.

English Heritage

On any normal June 21, the landmark site of Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain would be flooded with thousands of visitors ready to greet the sunrise. COVID-19 preventative measures, however, have prompted Stonehenge's managing organization, English Heritage, to opt for a more modern, socially distant approach to celebrating the summer solstice. For the first time, the annual solar-and-stone alignment will be broadcast live online. 

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"We can't welcome you in person this year because of the measures in place to combat coronavirus -- but our live coverage of sunset and sunrise means you won't miss a moment of this special occasion," English Heritage said on its Facebook page. "Our cameras will capture the best views of Stonehenge, allowing you to connect with this spiritual place from the comfort of your own home."

If you want to join the virtual celebration of the changing of the seasons, you can check out English Heritage's Summer Solstice 2020 event page, which includes a city-by-city list of exact times to view the perfect sunrise and sunset moments. 

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