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Stranger Things D&D set stars Demogorgon figurines

Get ready to turn Dungeons & Dragons Upside Down.

Get ready to battle the wide-mouthed Demogorgon.


You're going to need to roll some critical hits to take on the Demogorgons in Hasbro's new Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons starter set. 

The '80s throwback horror Netflix series finally has the gaming tie-in it needed from the start.

The set is geared for D&D newbies, but advanced players can still enjoy the Stranger Things theme and the two Demogorgon figurines, one of which you can paint yourself. The figurines look appropriately creepy, complete with wide maws.

The game comes with character sheets for the Stranger Things stars and all the dice you need to take on the monsters. 

The campaign storyline is based on one Mike Wheeler ran for his buddies involving a multi-headed thessalhydra.

Hasbro is getting into the spirit of the retro show with a box that looks like it was excavated from underneath Mike's bed three decades later.  

The D&D set is available to preorder for $24.99 (£20, AU$35) from retailers, including Amazon, with a release date of May 1. Hasbro Gaming already offers a Stranger Things Ouija board and a Stranger Things edition of Monopoly.

Just make sure you cast a fireball at that thessalhydra when it appears.

Stranger Things returns to Netflix for season 3 on July 4.