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Stiff anti-terrorist legislation needed

In response to the July 28 Perspectives column by Declan McCullagh, "Is privacy making a comeback? ":

Declan McCullagh said in a report: "the Justice Department didn't mention last week that it had been lobbying for the power to conduct 'secret searches' for at least four years, long before the Sept. 11 attacks took place."

Maybe if the Justice Department had had its way, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks might have been prevented.

Strong anti-terrorist legislation is needed to prevent other attacks. Congress has been emasculating our secret services and immigration agencies for almost 40 years. In the same period, attacks against Americans have grown bolder and bloodier. What's next? Osama bin Laden being eventually released because no one read him the Miranda rights?

Pier Vincenzo Luporini

Miami Beach, FL