Stephen Colbert makes new enemies at Jalopnik

Is anybody surprised? Of course not.

Call him the Internet's own Zorro. Mr. Stephen Colbert, one of Comedy Central's most notorious late-night personalities, has the powers-that-be at Wikipedia (and ), flooded YouTube with his "Green Screen Challenge" videos, and on the results of an online poll to name a bridge in Hungary. Fans love it, but he usually manages to tick somebody off each time.

Now he's gotten on the nerves of Gawker Media-owned auto blog Jalopnik, who aren't too happy that he used a rough cut of a new Chevy Silverado commercial that had apparently been the blog's exclusive property for the time being. Colbert apparently made the same mistake as hundreds of thousands of high school students in forgetting to cite his source.

Wikipedia, YouTube, Gawker blogs...where will this guy strike next? I'm putting my money on MySpace. Or maybe Flickr. Or, considering this whole Mark Foley brouhaha, perhaps he'll go after AIM.

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