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Steal the slide show with Victorinox Presentation Pro

If MacGyver ever needed to give a PowerPoint presentation, this is definitely the tool he'd use.

At this year's CES, Victorinox announced the newest member of its team, the Presentation Pro. This convenient business tool is small enough to slip into your pocket or onto your keychain, but don't be fooled by its mini size--this thing has every gadget you'll need to give a business slide show presentation.

Along with the typical array of scissors and knives that have made Victorinox a household name, the Presentation Pro also builds in a USB thumbdrive with up to 32GB capacity, a precision laser pointer, and even a biometric fingerprint scanner with compartmentalized data storage for multiple user access. Best of all, the USB key implements a small Bluetooth remote control that connects to your laptop and lets you easily change slides and deliver an all-around effective presentation.

Victorinox also offers the Presentation Pro Flight, which includes all of the tech features as the original, but forgoes the blades to permit the user to carry the tool on an airplane with no security hazards. Both versions will arrive in stores in this spring, although there's no word yet on the price.