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Stay safe and green outdoors with Eton Scorpion

Eton introduces a new multipurpose product designed for outdoor activities that can be powered by the sun or a hand-crank.


Looking for energy independence while on the go? Eton, a maker of emergency-preparedness devices, has something for you: the Eton Scorpion, a solar-powered, multifunction device designed to withstand the toughness of outdoor activities.

The device incorporates a digital AM/FM radio tuner, the NOAA Weather Band, a built-in LED flashlight, a digital clock, a bottle opener, and a USB cell phone charger, all in one compact unit.

Apart from solar panels on the side, the unit can also be powered via a Dynamo hand-crank. The Scorpion is housed in a splash-proof rugged exterior, which can withstand spraying water from all angles at the rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.

The device comes in green or orange and is available now for $50.