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Startup Secret No. 4: I've got the brains, you've got the looks

The entrepreneur/funder relationship is not one of two equals. Use that to your advantage.

"Raising money is the art of young people seducing older people."

--Via a prominent angel investor (who didn't want credit but isn't hard to find).

If you're out there on the circuit trying to separate someone from his or her greenbacks, remember what they are buying: Hope. Youth. Excitement. Risk.

As it is during a seduction of the physical kind, the brain's higher functions may come in to play only late in the negotiation, and only to justify the baser desires and instincts that are flooding the mind of person being seduced.

So be exciting. Be brash. Be clever. Be charming. Whatever the person holding the checkbook is, be the opposite. That's what they're paying for.

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