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Start-up updates application server

The new version of SilverStream's namesake product improves performance and includes multithreaded native database drivers to increase throughput.

SilverStream, a start-up focusing on Java-based tools and middleware, has released version 1.5 of its namesake application server.

SilverStream 1.5 adds better performance and includes multithreaded native database drivers to increase throughput, the company said.

The application server is part of a Web application development system that is written in Java and builds Java server applications as well as Java and HTML client applications. The toolset generates business logic and database access as well as other communications code along with client, server, and middle-tier software.

Version 1.5 has been tailored for Intel-based servers, and can deliver faster database access and delivery of static content, faster creation of dynamic pages, and faster invocation of business objects, the company said.

Also new are JDBC (Java database connectivity) drivers to Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.

The package includes a forms designer, data definition tools, programming editors, page designers, and other tools. All application components are stored in a single database, simplifying development, maintenance, and deployment, according to the company.

SilverStream now also bundles Actuate's Developer Workbench with its application server, allowing users to build and deploy reports for distribution across an intranet.

A SilverStream developer's license is priced from $495 per server. An unlimited user deployment license for a single processor server costs $6,995.