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Starbucks, not Apple Pay, is the king of mobile payments

If we're talking "tap-to-pay" services, anyhow.


Here's a surprising statistic you might like to share: 

According to eMarketer's blog post, the statistics only apply to US-based "proximity" mobile payments -- meaning we're only talking about payments made at a cash register in a store, not online shopping, and not payments you make to friends with Venmo, PayPal, Facebook Messenger and so on.

But still -- Starbucks. Not Apple Pay or Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Not a single one of the biggest mobile payment platforms is bigger than coffee, in terms of user base. And those 23 million people buying Starbucks with their phones only account for 12 percent of Starbucks transactions in the US, according to the company

I guess it makes sense that Starbucks is bigger, though: it's been working on this since 2010. Apple Pay didn't launch till 2014.

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