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Sportiiiis gets in your face when you're being lazy

Athletes looking for a kick in the pants might appreciate this bossy motivational gadget.

Bonnie Cha/CNET

LAS VEGAS--When it comes to working out, we all need a little extra motivation at times, and the Sportiiiis takes care of that by getting in your face (literally) and telling you to step up your game.

The Sportiiiis is a heads-up display that you can attach to any pair of sunglasses to give you visual and audio cues about your workout performance. There are actually two components to the device. The first is a software client for your computer and/or mobile device through which you set your target heart rate, cadence, and pace. You can then transfer this information (via USB) to the second part of the Sportiiiis, a small accessory that features a multicolored LED boom.

With your workout goals stored, the boom can communicate with any of your ANT+ devices, such as heart rate monitors, foot pods, and bike sensors, as you're training to see if you're meeting your targets. If you're taking it too easy or going too hard, it will alert you with a blinking red light. If you're on target, it lights up green, and if you're somewhere in the middle, it blinks yellow.

In addition to the visual cues, the Sportiiiis also delivers audio prompts to update on your performance, and you can cycle through the stats--heart rate, cadence, and pace--by double-tapping the side of the device.

The Sportiiiis is available for preorder now and costs $199. According to 4iiii, the device will start shipping at the end of January.