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'Speed Racer' gadgets at the starting gate

Branded USB drive could mark the opening of merchandizing floodgates.


Like everyone else, we can't wait for Speed Racer to hit the theaters next month. Not just because we're anxious to see the cutting-edge animation or to revisit childhood memories, but also because Craver Caroline McCarthy won't stop talking about it.

But despite all the hype, there seems to have been a surprising dearth of the kind of product merchandizing that usually accompanies releases of this ilk. In fact, the first branded gadget we've seen is this USB flash drive that comes with a Target gift card.

OhGizmo notes that the drive stores only 62.8MB, but almost all of it is packed with Speed Racer content that kids (and some adults we know) will appreciate. As for us, we're just happy to have our very own "Mach 5."