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Sony's new camera/portable photo album: the Cyber-shot DSC-T700

4GB of storage and unique software allow you to shoot and show off photos with the Cyber-shot DSC-T700.

Sony Electronics, Inc.

The concept behind Sony's Cyber-shot DSC-T700 is to give consumers a solid snapshot camera boasting a bounty of features and modes, with an easy-to-use touch-screen interface, as well as a portable digital photo album able to hold approximately 40,000 VGA images on 4GB of internal memory. Sounds good, right?

The DSC-T700 replaces the T300 in Sony's Cyber-shot lineup and keeps its 3.5-inch LCD touch screen, but has a better resolution. And from the little time I've spent with it, the screen is responsive and easy enough to navigate.

Sony Electronics, Inc.

The T700 features all of the same modes and detection technologies as the T77 also announced today, as well as most of the same hardware specs--but again, the T700 adds 4GB of internal memory for storage along with storage Memory Stick Pro DUO cards. Bundled software lets you transfer your images off the camera, shrink them, and then export them back out to the library on the camera. This is definitely the T700's defining feature, and I look forward to testing it out and letting you all know about it ASAP.

Black, silver, gold, pink, and red versions will be available in September for $400.